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Quirin Boel

1620 Antwerp – 1668 Brussels

The etcher and engraver, Quirin (or Coryn) Boel, was the son of the Antwerp-born engraver and print publisher, Jan Boel (1592–1640). Quirin was probably apprenticed to David Teniers the Younger in Antwerp and active in Brussels around 1648. He made a sizeable number of reproductive engravings after Palma Vecchio, Giorgione, Titian, Correggio, Michelangelo and other Cinquecento masters for David Teniers’ Theatrum Pictorum, published in Brussels in 1660. Boel achieved greater popularity, however, with his etchings after genre pictures by David Teniers the Younger, which he executed in a fluid, animated style.