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Augustin Braun

ca. 1570 Cologne (?) – after 1641

The painter, draughtsman and engraver, Augustin Braun, under­went training in Cologne in the 1580s in a studio that may well have been run by a master from the Netherlands. He allegedly joined the painters’ guild in Cologne in about 1603. Braun’s style reveals the powerful influence of Dutch and Flemish art around 1600. At the same time, the inspiration he derived from the Prague style and Italian Late Renaissance art is also readily apparent in his paintings and drawings. Only a fraction of the numerous paintings mentioned in official documents has sur­vived to the present day, and the stylistic delineation of Braun’s oeuvre has proved very difficult in the past. For example, a num­ber of works now recognised as being by Braun were previously attributed to Hans von Aachen. Credit is due to Horst Vey for his pioneering essay that has made Braun’s graphic oeuvre accessible and secured him “a place among the best German draughtsmen of his time”.