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Bartholomeus Breenbergh

1598 Deventer – 1657 Amsterdam

The draftsman Bartholomeus Breenbergh is known above all for his large Campagna landscapes which he rendered in a loose and beautifully atmospheric style. In 1619 he can be traced for the first time in Rome, where, as one of the founding members of the Bentveughels (the Bird Gang, a group of Dutch artists ­living in Rome between ca 1617–1720) he lived and worked until 1629. In the following year he returned to his native ­country and settled in Amsterdam. In Rome Breenbergh was supposedly active in the closer circle of Paul Bril and there are other stylistic affinities in his work to the drawings of Cornelis van Poelenburgh, who, together with Breenbergh, is considered one of the founders of Italianate landscape painting in the ­Netherlands.