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Ludwig Buchhorn

1770 Halberstadt – 1856 Berlin

The painter, draughtsman and engraver, Ludwig Buchhorn, studied under Daniel Berger at the Berlin Academy. From 1797 to 1803 Buchhorn was active as a draughtsman and engraver for the Chalcographic Society in Dessau. In 1806 he returned to Berlin and in 1812 became a full member of the Academy, where he was appointed a professor of drawing and engraving in 1816. He exerted considerable influence as a teacher and numbered Eduard Eichens, Eduard Mandel und Adolf Schrödter among his students. Buchhorn excelled above all as a portraitist and together with Johann Gottfried Schadow, with whom he maintained close ties, he ranked among the most talented Berlin draughtsmen of his day. He was also a skilled reproductive engraver and a veritable virtuoso in a large number of printmaking techniques.