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Cornelis Cort

1533 Hoorn or Edam – 1578 Rome

Cornelis Cort was indisputably one of the most eminent and influential reproductive engravers of the 16th century. His mastery of the craft set enduring standards of quality which were to leave their mark on the later development of engraving in the Netherlands and Italy. The large number of editions and copies testify to the popularity of his printed work. Cort’s prestige as an engraver was so great that Titian sought him out as a collaborator and in 1565/66 commissioned the artist to execute reproductive engravings after some of his paintings. From 1566 onwards Cort lived in Rome, where he worked for well-known publishers such as Antonio Lafreri and Antonio Salamanca. Artists whose works he engraved include Federico Barocci, the Zuccaro brothers and Girolamo Muziano. In other words, while in Venice and Rome Cort moved in the circles of the greatest artists of his day.