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Eduard Daege

1805–1883, Berlin

The history painter Eduard Daege was trained at the Berlin Academy, where he soon distinguished himself artistically as a master-class student of Karl Wilhelm Wach. From 1826 onwards he contributed regularly to the exhibitions at the Academy, where he was represented by religious and allegorical themes. From 1832 to 1833 Daege traveled in Italy and after his return settled in Berlin. Daege was a much-sought-after and highly successful artist who specialized in historical themes and Italian and Biblical genre scenes. His religious painting in particular reflected the influence of the Nazarenes. In 1835, together with Carl Blechen, Johan Christian Clausen Dahl and Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, Daege was admitted to the Berlin Academy as a "history painter". The numerous public offices the artist later held are an indication of his renown.