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François Xavier Fabre

1766–1837, Montpellier

François Xavier Fabre, a native of Montpellier, was a painter, etcher and art collector who was encouraged by Jean Coustou to study under Vien and David. The artist was awarded the Prix de Rome in 1787 for his painting Nebuchadnezzar Puts Zedekiah’s Children to Death in his Presence. He remained in Italy until 1825, working mostly in Florence before returning to Montpellier. Fabre enjoyed great success during his lifetime with his portraits, historical paintings and landscapes. He was admitted to the academies in Florence and Geneva and raised to the nobility by Charles X in 1828. The largest collection of his paintings is in the Musée Fabre in Montpellier. His modest oeuvre of very rare prints comprises five aquatint etchings.