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Léopold Flameng

1831 Brussels - 1911 Courgent

Léopold Flameng was a talented draughtsman and etcher who began his training at the age of ten in the woodcut class of the École Royale de Gravure in Brussels. Luigi Calamatta subsequently took him into his engraving class and gave him the opportunity to participate in his reproductions of works contained in the art collections in Florence and Versailles. Resident in Paris from 1853, Flameng developed into a versatile reproductive engraver and peintre-graveur and became an assistant to Charles Blanc at the Gazette des Beaux-Arts and the journal L’Artiste as well as in his book publications and engravings. A prolific artist, he produced acclaimed reproductions after old masters and contemporaries and in 1886 was awarded the honorary medal of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, to which he was admitted as a member in 1898.