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Jacques Fricquet

1638 Troyes – 1716 Paris

"Une carrière brillante et oubliée" were the words used by Jacques Thuillier to describe the artistic career of the painter and etcher Jacques Fricquet, who came from Troyes and was one of the few intimates of Sébastien Bourdon. His activity as an etcher has fallen so deeply into oblivion that his printed œuvre was apparently unknown even to the eminent connoisseur Robert-Dumesnil. Fricquet had established contact with Bourdon around 1663, becoming first his pupil and later his close collaborator. Although separated by a generation, master and mentor soon developed a personal relationship, which is evidenced by Bourdon’s appearing as a witness at Fricquet’s wedding in 1669. In his paintings, which have only survived in fragmentary form, Fricquet shows his profound debt to Bourdon. His artistic language and iconographical repertoire are inconceivable without the latter’s example, while at the same time the great dependence he felt on his teacher reveals the limits of his talent. Following Bourdon’s death in 1671, Fricquet won considerable esteem. He acquired the title "Sieur de Vauroze", enjoyed artistic success and died a wealthy man in Paris in 1716.