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Ludwig Emil Grimm

1790 Hanau – 1863 Kassel

Ludwig Emil Grimm was the youngest brother of the famous philologists and writers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Ludwig began his career as an artist at the Kassel Academy, where he studied from 1804 to 1808. In this period he made the acquaintance of such intellectual luminaries as Clemens and Bettine Brentano, Friedrich Karl von Savigny and Achim von Arnim. In 1809 he went to study at the Munich Academy thanks to the financial support of his brothers. He was introduced to the various printing techniques by Carl Ernst Christoph Hess and studied painting under Andreas Seidl. In 1832 Grimm married his first wife Marie Böttner and became a professor at the Kassel Academy. From the 1850s onwards Grimm, aged over sixty, ceased to appear in public as an artist.