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Salomon Koninck

1609–1656, Amsterdam

The painter, Salomon Koninck, was the son of a goldsmith from Antwerp. At the age of twelve his father apprenticed him to David Colijns, from whom he received his first drawing lessons. Koninck subsequently continued his training under François Venant and Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert, both of whom specialised in historical painting. He was admitted to the Guild of St. Luke in Amsterdam as early as 1630. Although not a pupil of Rembrandt, his art was greatly influenced by Rembrandt’s style of the 1630s. Koninck excelled in the depiction of character heads and biblical scenes. The artist’s printed oeuvre is modest, comprising a mere six etchings which clearly reveal the influence of Rembrandt and Jan Lievens.