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Monogrammist FG

active 1534–1546

The identity of the Monogrammist FG remains unknown to the present day. Having detected stylistic similarities with prints made by Giulio Bonasone, Nagler presumed the artist was a member of the Raimondi school. Very different attributions have been put forward in the past – Nagler mentions, among others, the names of Federico Grenello, Giorgio Ghisi, Girolamo Fagiuoli, Guido Ruggiero and Georg Frenzel – but it has so far proved impossible to pin down the style of the printed oeuvre by the Monogrammist FG. Bartsch erroneously assigned the artist to the German school, but in all probability we are looking at an anonymous Italian master, since the twentytwo impressions recorded by Bartsch include not only works after his own inventions and reproductive engravings after Aldegrever and Beham, but also others after Raphael and masters of the Fontainebleau School such as Rosso and Primaticcio. The majority of these works date to 1534–46. This confusing state of affairs only serves to heighten the fascination exerted by this exotic and unconventional master.