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Pierre Ignace Parrocel

1702 Avignon – circa 1775 Rome

Pierre Ignace Parrocel, a painter and etcher born in Avignon in 1702, is one of the less well-known members of an influential, widely ramified dynasty of artists which included such prominent figures as his great-grandfather Georges, his grandfather Louis, and Joseph, Pierre and Ignace Jacques Parrocel. When still a young man Pierre Ignace began training with his brother in the studio run by his father Pierre Parrocel and then went to Rome, where he was first active as a pensionnaire at the famous Académie de France. Given the many artists named Parrocel, it is very difficult to accurately pinpoint Pierre Ignace’s style of painting and in the past works in his relatively modest printed oeuvre have also regularly been confused with those of other members of his family.