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Christian Bernhard Rode artworks

1725–1797, Berlin

A history painter and printmaker, Rode was a prominent artistic figure in Berlin at the time of Frederick the Great. Trained by Antoine Pesne, he studied from 1750–1752 in Paris, where he was inspired by Carle Vanloo and Jean Restout. Rode subsequently spent a lengthy period in Italy, where he honed his skills by studying the works of Old Masters in Rome and Venice. In 1756 he returned to Berlin via Vienna, Prague and Dresden. A member of a well-todo family, Rode was an extremely prolific oil and fresco painter, draughtsman and etcher of religious, mythological, allegorical and literary scenes right up to his death in Berlin. In 1756 he was admitted to the Berlin Academy and, as its director from 1783, exerted a great influence on the artistic life of the city.