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Luzio Romano

active ca. 1528 – ca. 1570 Genova and Rome

The painter and stuccoist Luzio Romano was probably a student of Perino del Vaga; Giorgio Vasari reports that he was his assistant on the decoration of the Palazzo Doria in Genoa ­between 1528 and about 1533. After that Luzio worked from 1545 in Rome, where he initially assisted Perino in the great decorative cycles for the Castel Sant’Angelo. He was also ­responsible for the decoration of the cappella maggiore in the Church of S. Maria in Via of 1548, since lost. From 1563 we find Luzio Romano working with Daniele da Volterra on the planning and execution of the ceiling of the Basilica of S. Giovanni in Laterano. Other contemporary sources provide evidence of ­payments to the artist for paintings in the Vatican Loggias.