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August Haun

(1815–1894, Berlin)

Picturesque Wooded Landscapes. Series of four etchings on Chine appliqué. 14.8 x 17 cm. (1847). Not in Andresen.

The painter, lithographer and etcher, August Haun, studied under Karl Blechen and August Wilhelm Schirmer. He first displayed his works at the annual Berlin Academy exhibitionsfrom 1836 on, starting with landscape drawings and then proceeding to genre scenes, architectural pieces and romantic landscapes. Parts of the present rare series are missing in Heller-Andresen’s list, just two sheets from the series being recorded (Heller-Andresen 1 and 2). The landscapes have been treated in a very detailed and differentiated etching technique which creates an intense atmosphere and a marked sense of depth. Tiny staffage figures enliven nature in all its majesty. The influence exerted by August Wilhelm Schirmer’s romantic approach to landscape is quite evident. Superb, contrasting impressions with the full margins. From the collection of Frederick Augustus II of Saxony (Lugt 971).

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