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Charles-André Malardot

(1817 Metz - 1879 Paris)

Famille de pêcheurs au bord d'un ruisseau. Etching on ivory-coloured plate, on chine appliqué. 46 x 34.5 cm. Circa 1860. Bellevoye 40, Inventaire du Fonds Français 27.


Charles-André Malardot’s extremely evocative depiction of a woodland pond in the midst of dense, lush vegetation has two figures stood near the bank of the pond. Neatly integrated into their surroundings by the artist, they only catch the eye at second glance. The two fishermen in the foreground, half hidden by the tall grass and reeds, are about to drop their fish trap into the water, while on the opposite side of the pond their wives are sat together with their little children and a food basket in the midst of the undergrowth. The graphic delicacy of the scene is admirable. Using a very detailed and wonderfully refined etching technique, Malardot has reproduced the lush vegetation in all its diversity and created an exceedingly evocative light-and-shade effect. Malardot was trained in Paris by Joseph Hussenot and Auguste Migette and began making lithographs in 1835 before turning his attention to etching and painting. His prints were evidently only issued in small editions since they are rare. From 1847 Malardot regularly exhibited his works at the Paris Salon. The intense atmosphere conveyed by this print is further proof of the great originality and technical expertise that are characteristic of Malardot’s printed oeuvre and make him, along with Bresdin, one of the most intriguing artistic figures of his time. A very fine, contrasting impression with wide margins. Minor ageing, otherwise in excellent condition.

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