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Christian Leberecht Vogel

(1759–1816, Dresden)

Little Girl with Dishevelled Hair. Lithograph. 35.4 x 29.2 cm. Circa 1810. Winkler 1, cf. Gerd-Helge Vogel, Christian Leberecht Vogel. Ein sächsischer Meister der Empfindsamkeit, Zwickau 2009, cat. no. 100.

Christian Leberecht Vogel, a painter, draughtsman and art theorist from Saxony, was known among his contemporaries primarily as a talented portrait painter and author of sensitive portraits of children. The present large sheet from about 1810 is his only known attempt at lithography, a planographic print­ing method that had been developed a few years previously. It is remarkable that Vogel was so adept in exploiting the advantages of the new medium and capable of producing a print of such charm, which is now extremely rare.

The almost life-size depiction is distinguished by its brisk, confident style. The finely gradated nuances of the chalk line are adequately transferred to the print medium; the skilful use of the white paper tone creates a warm chiaroscuro and infuses the touching portrait of the child with an extraordinary vitality and sensitivity. A superb, contrasting impression with the full margins. Minor ageing, otherwise in excellent condition.

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