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Egbert van Panderen

(circa 1580 Haarlem - 1637 Antwerp?)

The Entombment. Engraving after Abraham Janssens. 41.3 x 27.3 cm. Hollstein 11.

Not much is known about the life of the engraver and draughtsman, Egbert van Panderen, apart from the fact that he hailed from Haarlem and probably died in Antwerp. He mostly engraved religious scenes after Antwerp artists such as Pieter de Jode, Otto van Veen, Rubens and Cornelis de Vos and was a member of the city’s Guild of St. Luke from 1606. He is thought to have returned to the Netherlands in 1609. The Entombment goes back to a painting by the Antwerp painter, Abraham Janssens (circa 1575-1632), who was one of the generation of Flemish Romanists before turning in his late period to the formal idiom typical of Rubens. The outstanding feature of this print is its consummate technical treatment. The heavy drapery folds and the details of the anatomy, faces and locks of hair of the persons portrayed have been executed in a very disciplined but varied engraving technique which brings out the advantages of the medium to great effect. The picture is filled with a deep religious pathos which is fully appropriate to the spirit of the Counter-Reformation. A superb, crisp and slightly tonal impression with thread margins around the distinct and inky platemark. Minor ageing, otherwise in mint condition.

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