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Ferdinand Piloty

(1786 Homburg – 1844 Munich)

Half-length portrait of Albrecht Dürer. Lithograph with matt greyish-green tone plate. 46.2 x 38.3 cm. 1818. Winkler 65.

This lithograph reproduces an Albrecht Dürer masterpiece in the original size, the famous Self-portrait in Fur Coat (1500), which is now in Munich’s Alte Pinakothek. In contrast to the painted version, however, the left hand and part of the artist’s torso are missing. Piloty has concentrated on rendering the physiognomy, thus heightening the expressiveness of the portrait. The likeness exerts a compelling fascination. The artist looks steadily at the beholder, while the long flowing hair lends the portrayal a solemn, sacred character. Thus it is no coincidence that Dürer’s invention is derived from the traditional iconography of the Redeemer giving his blessing.

The lithographer Ferdinand Piloty is mainly known for a number of volumes of reproductive prints works after paintings and drawings in the Royal Collection in Munich, which he and Johann Nepomuk Strixner executed from 1810 onwards. This lithograph comes from the publication Bayrischer Gemäldesaal, which appeared in several instalments between 1816 and 1820 and was evidently printed in several coloured variants. Berlin’s Kupferstichkabinett has a proof in black-and-white without tone plate and a variant with a mustard-coloured plate.

An excellent impression with margins. Slight traces of handling, otherwise in perfect condition.

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