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Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo

(1727–1804, Venice)

Vecchio con Turbante, girato a sinistra (Old Man in Turban Facing Left). Etching after Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. 13.8 x 10.7 cm. Circa 1757. De Vesme 121; Rizzi (1970) 161; Rizzi (1971) 165; Succi 100 I (of II).

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s son Domenico engraved the Raccolta di Teste series after his father’s originals in two stages, the first 27 etchings being done about 1757. The present etching, portraying an old man in a turban, is the fifth in the first series. In 1770, after the death of his father, Domenico produced a further 33 portraits of philosophers and published all the etchings in two albums, each of which contained 30 plates and a title page. Typologically speaking, these character heads go back to the “tronie” genre, which made its appearance in 17th century Dutch and Flemish painting. It consists of portrait-like character studies of anonymous individuals with striking physical features and exotic, often oriental costumes. The dramatic use of chiaroscuro gives these portraits a powerful psychological effect. A superb early impression, printing with considerable contrast and tone, before the number 5. With large margins around the inky platemark. Minor ageing and handling traces in the margins, otherwise in impeccable condition.

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