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Hieronymus Wierix

(circa 1553-1619, Antwerp)

Christ on the Cross, Mary Magdalene Kneeling Below. Engraving after Maarten de Vos. 27.2 x 19.9 cm. Before 1611. Mauquoy-Hendrickx 357, Hollstein (Vos) 663, The New Hollstein (Wierix) 692.

Wierix produced two versions of the crucifixion scene with Mary Magdalene kneeling beneath the cross, both after Maarten de Vos. Whereas in the second, later version the platemarks are rounded off and the lower framing line has been eradicated, the present earlier version of the print still bears the name of Hieronymus Wierix in the lower margin and has a number of additional details which were later rendered in a much more diffuse manner. It is not clear why Wierix made a second, almost identical version. Possibly the first plate was damaged during the printing process. At all events, the present original version demonstrates the technical virtuosity and absolute mastery of the medium for which Hieronymus is renowned. A superb impression with traces of a thread margin around the platemark. Minor ageing, formerly mounted in a window passe-partout, otherwise in very good condition.

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