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Johann Christian Thomas Winck

(1738 Eichstätt – 1797 Munich)

Apollo on the Parnassus Surrounded by the Nine Muses. Etching. 22.5 x 14.3 cm. Circa 1768. Nagler 4, Heller-Andresen 3.


Having spent a year in Eichstätt as a journeyman with Jakob Feuchtmayer, Christian Winck continued his artistic training in Augsburg and Freising. In 1760 he was appointed court painter to the Elector in Munich. Winck was the most sought-after fresco painter in the city in the second half of the 18th century. He provided decorative paintings for the Munich Residenz and painted designs for the tapestry manufactory there. He also made the decorations for the court theatre as well as a large number of frescoes and altar pieces for churches in the Bavarian royal seat, in Starnberg, Metten, Egling, Aldersbach and Ingolstadt. Winck’s printed oeuvre, by contrast, is limited. Nagler records a total of seven etchings which were regarded as rare even in his time.

Apollo on the Parnassus shows the master at the zenith of his ability. The ambitious composition with its many figures has been arranged with great skill and variety. Winck uses con­fident, masterful strokes to portray the lively activity of the muses and their patron Apollo. The whole radiates the carefree lightness and spiritual nature of South German Rococo. A very fine, delicate impression with wide margins. Minor ageing, otherwise in immaculate condition.

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