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Johann Nepomuk Nieberlein

active in Ellwangen first half of the 18th century)

Baroque Triumphal Architecture Surrounded by Angels, Martyrs and Saints. Etching. 58.8 x 48.1 cm. Unrecorded.

Johann Nepomuk Nieberlein, a draughtsman and etcher, was active in the first half of the 18th century in Ellwangen, a small town in Baden-W├╝rttemberg not far from the border with Bavaria. A number of his prints, executed in a light, somewhat folkloristic, albeit distinctly expressive etching technique, have survived. The charming lightness and exuberance of the ephemeral festive architecture portrayed here illustrate in exemplary manner the stylistic principles of the late German Baroque period. According to the inscription, the filigree architecture symbolises the triumph of the Christian faith in Ellwangen; it is enlivened by innumerable allegorical figures, saints and worldly rulers who have rendered outstanding services to the dissemination of the one true religion. Visible to the rear of the arcades are allegorical tableaux, whilst above the structure a host of angels ascends heavenwards with the Christ Child and the Mother of God. A superb, vivid impression with thread margins. Minor defects and traces of ageing. Of outstanding rarity.

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