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Maarten de Vos

(1532–1603, Antwerp)

After. The Resurrection. Engraving. 31.9 x 20.6 cm. Hollstein 676.

This rare print by an anonymous Flemish engraver was published by Hieronymus Cock’s publishing house Aux quatre vents in Antwerp. The engraving is entered in the Veste Coburg Graphics Collection under Anthonie Wierix, although the technical treatment of this print does not quite match the graphic perfection of that particular master. Nevertheless, the print is a valid and artistically successful testimonial to the Antwerp engraving tradition of that era. The composition by de Vos, a pupil of Frans Floris and an important and influential Romanist, is executed in a disciplined, if not over-inspired engraving technique that faithfully reproduces the drawn model. De Vos’ vivid iconography lends the scene considerable dramatic power. Striking details, such as a skeleton freeing itself from the gaping maw of a monster and a serpent winding itself around a glass globe, testify to the creative fantasy of the inventor. This engraving is a characteristic example of a genre of scholarly, moralizing religious portrayals, which had a wide circulation in the spiritual climate of Antwerp during the Counter-Reformation.

A very fine, even and harmonious impression with full margins. Minor ageing, otherwise in perfect condition.

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