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Wilhelm von Kobell

(1766 Mannheim – 1855 Munich)

Moonlight in the Neckar Meadows; Evening in the Neckar Meadows. Two aquatint etchings, each measuring approx. 12.4 x 19 cm. 1790. Goedl-Roth 88, 89.

These two small-format landscape impressions belong to the artist’s early work and are distinguished both by their high atmospheric qualities and their refined technical treatment. Since 1785, Kobell had shown an intense interest in the then still new aquatint technique, producing a number of reproductive prints after paintings by 17th century Dutch masters, in which he attempted to recreate in black and white the characteristic treatment of light in the Dutch originals. The two present etchings, on the other hand, are compositions by the artist’s father Ferdinand, which the son transferred with astonishing skill to the new medium. In the nocturnal scene the skilful application of aquatint grain produces the subtlest gradations of light and a very atmospheric rendering of the gentle moonlight. The pendant, too, owes its charm to the immediacy of its observation of nature and remarkable chiaroscuro effects. The richly modulated grey and brown tones generate a veritable pyrotechnic display of flickering points of light.

Superb, inky and contrasting impressions with the original mounting. The mounting paper is mildewed but otherwise in excellent condition. From the Collection of Johann Nepomuk Seiler (1793 Munich – 1876 Kempten), not in Lugt.

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